Tzipi Livni on the Beach

Israel's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni (C) walks on the beach in Tel Aviv February 7, 2009 (Reuters photo). No, that is not Tzvee or neighbor Henry, with her on the beach. And yes, Tzipi Livni is Jewish, a mainly secular Jew.

We are rooting for Tzipi to form a new vibrant centrist government.

For those of you truly tasteless and awful web surfers who are looking for more revealing photos of Livni via a Google search query, that includes Tzipi Livni with the terms swimsuit, bikini, topless or nude, sorry to disappoint you.
לאלו מכם אשר מחפשים יותר של לבני חושפים תמונות באמצעות שאילתת חיפוש אשר כוללת ציפי לבני עם תנאי ביקיני, ללא חזיה או עירום, מצטערת לאכזב אותך

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