Is Tom Daschle Jewish?

No, Tom Daschle, who will not be Barack Obama's Health and Human Services Secretary, is not a Jew.

Daschle has withdrawn as a candidate for that cabinet post due to irregularities in his payment of taxes.

Daschle is a Roman Catholic. He was born in Aberdeen, South Dakota, to Elizabeth B. Meier and Sebastian C. Daschle. His paternal grandparents were ethnic Germans from Russia. Daschle grew up in a working-class Roman Catholic family as the eldest of four brothers.

Besides the responsibilities of his withdrawn cabinet post in the Obama administration, Daschle was slated to serve as the White House point person for all health policy issues. His withdrawal is a serious setback for the Obama administration. [Unfortunately, this posting has been revised from our earlier posting that assumed he would be the HHS secretary in the cabinet...]

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