BR: The Nasty Teaneck Layoff Plans and School Budget Cuts

We've seen in the last day a thread of mean spirited emails circulating among citizens and local politicians about Teaneck's school budget and related issues.
Teaneck set to cut $1M from schools

TEANECK — The Township Council appears set to cut approximately $1 million from the failed $94.8 million school budget, but council members said the reductions should not affect teacher staff... more...
Not surprising in the current climate, the Bergan Record reports that the town has sent layoff notices, which may not be acted upon, to 47 employees.
Teaneck layoff plan approved
TEANECK — Forty-seven employees — including 28 in the Fire Department — will receive letters today or Friday informing them that they might be laid off or demoted on June 25. But... more...
We've said it before and it's gotten worse. Teaneck is a nasty town with large cadre of boorish local politicians.

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