Is Woody Allen a Hasidic Jewish Rabbi?

Woody Allen is a Jew but he is not a Hasidic rabbi.

He did appear as a bearded rabbi in a scene in his movie Annie Hall and in some other scenes in his other movies.

Woody was due in a NY court today in connection with his $10 million lawsuit against American Apparel for their billboard depicting him as a bearded Hasidic Jew.

Allen claimed he did not give the company permission to use a frame of him from his film "Annie Hall." American Apparel claimed it was exercising its freedom of expression with the billboards in 2007 in Hollywood and New York.

Company founder Dov Charney (also Jewish and also not a Hasidic rabbi) settled today at the last minute with Allen for a reported $5 million.

Reuters reported that Allen bragged about his settlement:
"I am told the settlement of five million dollars I am being paid is the largest reported amount ever paid under the New York right to privacy law," Allen told reporters outside Manhattan federal court where the case was being heard.
Allen was not wearing a beard, a black hat and glasses when he made that statement.

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