Times' Jewish News: On Bagels, Bombers and an Obituary

H and H Bagels Is Shut Briefly for Nonpayment of Taxes
New York State tax authorities shut down the bagel emporium, renowned even before it was featured on “Seinfeld” and in the Tom Hanks film “You’ve Got Mail,” for three hours on Friday because its owners had failed to pay tens of thousands of dollars in sales and withholding taxes.

On Religion - Two Rabbis Find They're Separated Only by Doctrine
...So it remained until May 20, 2009, and the most unimaginable occasion for a reunion. That night, the New York police and F.B.I. agents arrested four men on charges of trying to bomb two Jewish buildings in Riverdale: Rabbi Lewis’s Riverdale Temple and Rabbi Rosenblatt’s Riverdale Jewish Center. To those suspects, described by law enforcement officials as jailhouse converts to Islam and jihadi wannabes, the distinctions between Reform and Orthodox were either irrelevant or invisible.... By SAMUEL G. FREEDMAN

Franklin Littell, Scholar of Holocaust, Dies at 91 - Obituary
Franklin H. Littell, a father of Holocaust studies who traced his engagement with the subject to the revulsion he felt as a young Methodist minister while witnessing a big Nazi rally in Nuremberg ... By DOUGLAS MARTIN

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