ChattahBox: Brian Cuban Wants Facebook to Remove Holocaust Denial Groups

Now for a walk on the dark side of social networking.

While brother Mark roots for his NBA Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs, Brian Cuban is battling Facebook to get it to remove overtly antisemitic Holocaust denial groups from its system.

Cuban has made a strong and clever Talmudic case against Facebook, arguing that such materials are illegal in many countries hence their presence on Facebook violates its Terms of Service. So far Brian has not prevailed.
FaceBook Says: Holocaust-Denial Groups Will Stay Put

(ChattahBox)— Dallas attorney Brian Cuban is on a mission to remove Holocaust-denial groups from the social-networking site, Facebook. Cuban, 48-years old and younger brother of Mark Cuban, the colorful billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is of Russian Jewish descent and appalled at the hate speech on the Holocaust revisionist sites.

Cuban notes that social media has allowed hate groups like Holocaust-deniers, to find other like minded individuals and operate under the Internet cloak of anonymity. These sites have names like, “Holocaust: A series of Lies,” and “Based on the facts…There was no Holocaust.”

To be sure, Holocaust denial is an ugly phenomenon and promoted for the most part, by extreme fringe groups. But even some educated people who should know better are Holocaust deniers...more...

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