Times reports a transmutation miracle - Rabbi Levin's Pastrami becomes Salami

We read. Then we post. We don't make these things up.

According to the Times Rabbi Levin's pastrami became salami after he heard news about Paladino's apology.

That sorta sounds like it ought to be in a rap song.
...Mr. Paladino, during a meeting with a small Orthodox congregation that was arranged by Rabbi Levin, said Sunday that children should not be “brainwashed” into thinking that homosexuality was acceptable, and he criticized his Democratic opponent, Andrew M. Cuomo, for marching with his daughters in New York City’s gay pride parade.

On Tuesday, after broad condemnation, Mr. Paladino apologized for his “poorly chosen words” and said he would “fight for all gay New Yorkers’ rights” if elected.

Rabbi Levin said that he considered the apology a betrayal, and that he pined for the “old Carl” who spoke from his heart rather than bending to political whims.

Rabbi Levin said he was especially upset that Mr. Paladino gave him no notice that he planned to back away from the comments.

“I was in the middle of eating a kosher pastrami sandwich,” Rabbi Levin said. "While I was eating it, they come running and they say, ‘Paladino became gay!’ I said, ‘What?’ And then they showed me the statement. I almost choked on the kosher salami.” ...more...

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Unknown said...

I was struck by the rabbi's need to stress that he was eating *kosher* pastrami, salami, or whatever. Is he so insecure that he can't rely on people to realize that his sandwich meat is kosher without broadcasting it to the world? There is a compulsive aspect to this kind of Orthodoxy that is really unattractive. Bob White