And God Hardened the Heart of Pharaoh Mubarak

Our good buddy Richard over at Tikkun Olam blog wonders, aloud, "Clearly, many national leaders expected Mubarak to step down. They said so publicly. So it’s mystifying that such figures understood Mubarak would resign and yet the man did a U-turn. Did he agree to resign and then change his mind?"

Mystifying yes, if you have never read the biblical book of Exodus. The Pharaoh changes his mind ten times and each reversal brings another plague.

We are watching the re-enactment of the biblical narrative, brought up-to-date by Pharaoh Mubarak.

The Bible tells us what to expect. It will all come to a head in April, after the rainy season, around the time of Passover, at which time God will drown Pharaoh in a sea of troubles, and his former subjects will be redeemed.

To understand modern affairs, Richard merely needs to brush up on his Bible.

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Richard said...

That's a good point. Mubarak certainly has hardened his heart like Pharaoh. In fact, as you say he IS a pharaoh.

But I don't think Egypt can wait till April even if it would be magnificently appropriate timing...