Is Justin Bieber Jewish?

No, teen singer Justin Bieber is not a Jew. He is a devout Christian.

However JTA reports - in one of the strangest stories that we can recall - that at the encouragement of his Jewish manager, Scott Samuel "Scooter" Braun, Bieber says the Jewish prayer, the Shema, Deuteronomy 6:4: "Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One."

We doubt the veracity of the story. We think it is as phony as a three dollar bill. And even if true that he says this verse, so what? It is bizarre that JTA makes a news story because a pop singer maybe says one verse from the Bible, in addition to whatever else he says in his Christian prayers.
For Justin Bieber, ‘Scooter’ and the Shema play a major presence
By Edmon J. Rodman
LOS ANGELES (JTA) -- Is “Never Say Never,” the biographical documentary and concert film that recounts the rise of Justin Bieber, also a message film of “Hear O Israel"?

The film, which opens Feb. 11 in wide release, has a genuine Jewish backstory due to the onscreen presence and production involvement of Bieber’s Jewish manager, Scott Samuel "Scooter" Braun.

By all accounts Braun, who discovered Bieber on YouTube -- a site where the teen sensation now has several songs with more than 100 million views -- plays an important role in Bieber’s life both on stage and off.

“On the road I take responsibility for him,” Braun, 29, told JTA in a recent interview, relating that his Jewish background helps Bieber to maintain a sense of balance.

Off stage, Braun also is a presence -- a kind of a Jewish road dad helping the 16-year-old Bieber face the challenges.

“The girls chase the car, they’re in the lobby,” Braun said. “They know where we’re going before we know.”

On stage, as reported by various sources, Braun, Bieber and some of the crew members say the Shema before beginning a concert.

"Originally Justin and the crew just did a prayer circle before the show that ended with Jesus Christ. I wasn’t into that,” said Braun, who grew up in Greenwich, Conn.

With another Jewish member of the crew, “we started saying the Shema. About the third time, Justin chimed in,” Braun recalls. “He had memorized it. Now others say it with us, too....more...

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