Is Drake Jewish?

Yes, hip hop artist Drake is a Jew. The Canadian, former child actor with the number one (rap) album appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show where he discussed his Jewishness and compared it with Jewish reggae hip hop artist Matisyahu.

Now, Drake is not as good a Jew as Matisyahu, according to Matisyahu as reported by the HipHopWired blog which reported (Jewish Rapper Matisyahu Calls Drake Out and Says His Jewish Is "Just A By-Product") that Matis told "The Jewish Daily:
"Drake is a pretty good man. He's got his thing, but it's different than what I do." Continuing, he says of Drake: "He's Jewish, but he's not representing Judaism.

"He happens to be Jewish just like Bob Dylan happened to be Jewish, but what I'm doing is really tapping into my roots and culture, and trying to blend that with the mainstream...Drake's being Jewish is just a by-product."
Putting aside the debate over who is a better Jew, or more analytically, who is Jewish and who is Judaic, the funny Kimmel video clip is over at HipHopWired, we are not able to embed it here.

And yes for those who wonder, we are fans of rap music, because to study religions you must know about both the sacred and the profane.

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