The Jewish Week Exposes a New Crisis in Judaism: Orthodox Teens Text on Shabbos

From the Jewish Week a "dramatic" expose, For Many Orthodox Teens, 'Half Shabbos' Is A Way Of Life.

We have a sense that (1) it is not just Orthodox teens who step over blanket Orthodox taboos like this one against personal communications technology and (2) Judaism will adapt to this crisis of faith and will survive.
...The practice has become so widespread – some say half of Modern Orthodox teens text on Shabbat – that it has developed its own nomenclature – keeping “half Shabbos,” for those who observe all the Shabbat regulations except for texting; “gd Shbs,” is the shorthand text greeting that means good Shabbos...
We like this humorous take on the problem,
The frumsatire.net Website carried a fictional report that Modern Orthodox rabbis “have begun to consider texting during shul on Shabbos to curb talking,” in order to keep synagogues quiet during religious services.

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Mr. Cohen said...

The JEWISH WEEK has a history of Orthodox bashing that spans several decades. I do not trust anything they say about Orthodox Jews.