Michael Medved Hates the New York Times

Rhetoric is reality for the extremist right wing ideologue Michael Medved. The man pretends that he does not know the difference between metaphor and fact. In his reeking blog screed, The New York Times as Substitute for Religion, Medved reaches new lows,  in a snarky attack on the new editor of the NY Times.

It's amazing the Daily Beast would publish this piece. The average readers there who took the time to comment nearly universally ravaged Medved, taking him to task in every way. It's worth reading through the comments to see how completely the readership rejects Medved.

We are disgusted by the utter lack of derech eretz, i.e., respect, shown by Medved for the new appointment to the premier newspaper in the country. It sounds to us like the writer is emotionally motivated by an irrational hatred of the newspaper.

We are ashamed of his statement and thoroughly reject it.

We extend our sincere congratulations to Jill Abramson on her promotion to editor of the Times. Mazal tov.

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