Tzvee's Talmudic Blog Passes One Million Page Views

Thank you everyone for coming to read us.

This weekend Tzvee's Talmudic Blog passed the "One Million Page Views" mark. We find that amazing.

We've been providing for some time now 3330 blog posts with bits of talmudic analysis and opinions on religion, jews, judaism, tanakh, bible, talmud, mishnah, midrash, haggadah, israel, rabbis, anti-semitism; synagogues, prayer, liturgy, siddur; teaneck, scandals, universities; politics, minnesota; terrorism, inventions, google, amazon, iPad. נושאים: דת, יהודים, יהדות, תנ"ך, מקרא, תלמוד, משנה, מדרש, ישראל, רבנים, אנטישמיות, בתי כנסת, תפילה, סידור, ארכיטיפים

We'll keep doing this for another while. Lots of stuff going on. Stay tuned.

Okay. We can't resist  repeating the awful headline that the New York Post came up with recently to describe tacky Congressman Anthony Weiner's resolve not to resign under fire from his office: "WEINER: I'LL STICK IT OUT."

We will stick it out too, i.e., continue blogging along.

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