Kindle Snafu: Innovative Jewish Education is a Fairy Tale

Imagine that. You go to a blog called "Free Books on Kindle" and there is a listing that:
Sh’ma on Innovative Jewish Learning by Judd Kruger Livingston, Russel Neis, Lisa D. Grant, Jennifer Glaser, Stephen Hazan Arnoff, Charlie Schwarts, Kim Hirsh, Jonathan S. Woocher, and Lee S. Shulman (that’s a heck of a lot of authors) is free today from the Amazon Kindle store...
Sounds good to us. So we go there and download the book and open it and lo and behold the content of the books is "English Fairy Tales" with the Sh'ma volume header -- clearly a mixup over at Kindle.

So we go back and find another version of the Sh'ma volume for $2.99 and download it and yes, it is the real thing. And it has a lot of writing on innovative Jewish learning, which is no fairy tale.

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