Reiteration: We Endorse Al Franken for Senate

Al Franken entertaining at Ramstein Air Base, December 2000.
We've been supporting Al Franken for the senate for more than two years.

I was saddened to see the Star Tribune mistakenly endorse Norm Coleman.

That's one of the straws in Minnesota politics that might tip the balance  against Franken in this close race.

The good news is that Obama is way out ahead in Minnesota. His coattails may be longer than pollsters can measure. So I am still optimistic.

Vote for Al Franken! The authentic nice Minnesota Jewish boy.

From my post of 9/18/06:

The Star Tribune reports that Al Franken has raised $800,000 for his PAC pointing out that, "The potential 2008 U.S. Senate hopeful is helping DFLers and candidates around the country."

This also bodes well for his 2008 Senate race against former NY Jew Norm Coleman. Franken quipped about that, "If I do run against Norm Coleman in '08, I'll be the only New York Jew in the race who actually grew up in Minnesota."

I met Al several times at the NW Tennis and Swim Clubs when we were living in Minnesota. He's a good family man and a down-to-earth politician.

I share many of his liberal views. We will follow his odyssey to Washington where we believe he will make a big difference.

And Al is sharp in his media criticism. In the video-audio clip below he, "skewers Lanny Davis for his letter to the Wall Street Journal accusing liberals, Kos, and other bloggers of anti-Semitism"

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Anonymous said...

While I am sympathetic to much of the liberal agenda, the most important function of the Senate (as far as I am concerned) is confirming judges. We need conservative judges at this point in history to save from Islam (and ourselves) and so I would never vote for a Democratic Senator.