Neo-Con-Jew Dennis Prager is Keith Olbermann's Worst Person in the World

Dennis Prager is a reactionary neo-conservative Jewish radio personality. OK with me.

Everyone in this country deserves an equal opportunity to make a living.

Or do they?

According to Keith Olbermann, Prager said in a speech at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis that "equality" is not an American value.

I won't stoop so low as to even try to explain how wrong Prager is on this issue.

So, let me simply add another award for Mr. Prager.

We declare him this blog's, "Worst Jew in the World."


Anonymous said...

Lisen to Pragers full qoutes on equality,understand them and then judge for yourself instead of piggybacking on Olberman. just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Listen to Prager before you blast him. Biased, out of context, partial quotes from Keith Olbermann hardly give enough information to form an educated opinion.

Also, I agree with Pragers opinion that Europeans and the American Left favor equality over liberty. Freedom and equality do not go hand in hand. In a truly free society, some work harder and are more successful than others. This difference in ability and work ethic will, of course, create some form of inequality. This is why liberals are so in favor of socialism. "That all men are created equal" should only apply to how we are seen and treated by Government. I am completely in favor of that kind of equality. No different treatment for skin color (affirmative action), no different treatment for wealth (varying tax rates), etc. Let us all be equal and free to be whatever we want to be. That is why conservatives would rather be free than perfectly equal in all things.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if Olbermann actually took the time to listen to Prager's show he would understand his perspective and world view. Prager consistently has guest on his show that disagrees with him and discribes himself as a Kennedy democrat and a traditional liberal. He prefers clarity over convincing his audience of an agenda and is one of the most respected voices in jewish life.