Reuters: Happy Pope Endorses SS Christianity

I could not make this up. [Does he look happy in this official picture?]

Reuters reports that the New Pope praises the WWII Pope for his SS activities ("Secret and Silent") regarding the Jews.

Of course the evidence for all the "silent and secret" things that the WWII Pope did to save Jews will remain "silent and secret."

And the identities of all the Jews he supposedly saved will remain "silent and secret."

And as I have said in a previous post, if Jesus had taken this Pope's path through life, there would be a "silent and secret" religion called, not Christianity, but are you ready, yes, the SS religion!?
In the latest step in the discussion about Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust, Pope Benedict has issued a ringing defence of his wartime predecessor and said he hoped his beatification “can proceed happily.” To critics who say Pius should have spoken out publicly against the Nazi slaughter of European Jews, Benedict said Pius’s “secret and silent way” was the right approach.

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