Rabbi Shear-Yashuv Cohen Suffers Sarcasm and Mock Outrage from Vatican Blogger Tornielli

Faithworld (Reuters) reports:
A leading Italian biographer of Pope Pius XII has sharply criticised Rabbi Shear-Yashuv Cohen for recalling the controversy about the pope’s role in the Holocaust during an unprecedented address to a synod of Roman Catholic bishops at the Vatican. Andrea Tornielli, the Vatican correspondent of the newspaper Il Giornale who has written four books defending the wartime pope, said no cardinal could have ever spoken that way at a major Jewish forum in Jerusalem.
My response to the writer Mr. Tornielli:

Your sarcastic comments about the rabbi are most unwelcome. He is entitled to his expression of opinion and did so in most restrained terms. Perhaps it was insensitive of the Vatican to valorize Pius in front of a prominent Jewish leader. Anyone reading the record can see that Pius was not brave but timid when it came to opposing the vicious evil of the Nazi era. He surely did not follow the example of Jesus - publicly standing up for faith and belief regardless of the consequences.

Imagine this if you will. Had Jesus followed Pius' path - all of that quiet diplomacy and secret activity - there would never have been a crucifixion, never a Christian narrative of any drama or meaning and hence, no Christianity.

So in my view to honor such a man and his narrative of timidity is hardly the best way to serve your religion. But please note this very well. That's my viewpoint. That is not what Rabbi Cohen was saying. He was far more diplomatic and proper in his tone and his content.

And your mock outrage at him is uncalled for.

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