Times: Where can you get the best Prefab Sukkah?

Go figure. Why a report from Minnesota? Nobody in New York to cover this? Anyhow, Happy Tabernacles!

The Times reporter in Minneapolis compares and reviews four prefabricated Sukkahs.Some snappy innovations among them.

By the way, Sukkot is the culmination of the High Holiday Season. The three main themes of the Days of Awe are Creation, Suffering and Revelation along with a heavy concentration on introspection, sin and atonement.

Sukkot brings us the time of rejoicing - the taste of redemption - the messianic age and more concretely - the harvest.

The greeting I have been hearing much more frequently and nervously than ever this time around is, "May you have a prosperous year." And if the promised redemption (bailout or rescue) is not in the cards, as always, there will be plenty of surplus sukkot to go around after the holidays, groan.

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