Chinese Scholar Xu Xin in the Forward

I met Xu Xin in Nanjing in 1991. I'm happy to say that I helped answer some of his questions while he was engaged in translating the Encyclopedia Judaica into Chinese. When he visited NJ he stayed with us in our home.

He's written a nice article this week for the Forward:
Chinese Open New Chapter With the People of the BookThe Chinese and Jewish cultures are both great, rich civilizations. These two major societies developed highly civilized forms in ancient times and persist until today, keeping continuous recorded accounts of their origins. Each of them has had a significant impact on world history, although the two cultures seldom met. As a result, not much was known in China about Jews, Jewish culture and Israel until recently. During my first visit to Israel and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in 1988, I made the sweeping statement that…Read more

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