Newsweek's Lightweight Rabbi

While Time marches on with some substance and depth, Newsweek appears to be happy with banter and fluff. Rabbi Marc Gellman pokes his head in to mediate the recent public spectacle that Newsweek orchestrated between Rick Warren and Sam Harris. Gellman has it all figured out because he has a PhD in Philosophy from Northwestern University, and hence, "Problems and Mysteries: The debate about whether God is real misses the true nature of the question. Here’s why." Well here is how it ends and the preceding is not much more compelling.

What I believe, the way I respond to the mystery of God as I have learned it through Judaism, is that God did not give all the truth to just one faith. What I believe is that, "The righteous of all nations have a share in the World to Come." This means that I expect to see Rick and Sam there, but instead of continuing their debate, I expect them to be laughing and saying to each other, "Why didn't we listen to Gellman?"

Happy Passover to my Jewish readers.
Happy Easter to Rick and all my Christian friends.
And to Sam Harris, happy springtime.

Thankfully this piece is only on the web.

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