Stern Heiress Publishes Her Photo Album

There are things you can do when you are the daughter of a billionaire. This is a positive and creative one.
A Family Seen Through a Daughter's Lens
A Chat With the Artist

Andrea Stern is a member of one of New York's — and the world's — wealthiest families. Her father, Leonard Stern, expanded his own father's pet care empire into publishing and real estate, and, according to Forbes magazine, is worth $3.7 billion.

The city where Ms. Stern was born and raised — on Fifth and Park avenues — and has made her home — on Central Park West — bears the marks of her family's largesse. Stern College at Yeshiva University is named after her grandfather Max, a German Jew who immigrated here in the 1920s and began selling canaries. The Stern School of Business at New York University is named after her father, who joined the family business right out of college.

Now Ms. Stern has created a legacy of her own: a book of 66 photographs of her family aptly titled "Inheritance" (Monacelli Press, 160 pages, $40). Many of the subjects will gather tonight at the book party Ms. Stern's mother, Judith Stern Peck, is holding at her home...more
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