It's Easter - Do you know where your Christian leaders are?

Two downbeat Easter features on the challenges facing the religious leaders of Christianity.

The new Pope faces the same challenges Popes have faced for centuries and the Times writes as if this was something new. Invoking the decline in church attendance and the sex abuse scandals plaguing the Church, the writer does not seem too optimistic for this Pope's re-Christianization plan.
Keeping the Faith The Anti-Secularist
Pope Benedict XVI says he believes that the Catholic Church in Europe faces a dire threat in secularism and that re-Christianizing the Continent is critical not only to the fate of the church but to the fate of Europe itself.
Meanwhile, a solitary Protestant leader faces the challenge of old age. He too seems to have not a thing of interest to speak of. Yet by virtue of his longevity and the need to fill up the newspaper for Easter Sunday, lo, The Star Tribune brings us yet another interview with the Rev. Billy Graham...
Billy Graham: A spirit unbowed:
In an e-mail interview with Faith Values reporter Pamela Miller, the Rev. Billy Graham, 88, talked about his declining health, his final resting place, his vision of heaven, the war in Iraq and currents in the evangelical world.

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