Newsweek: Limbo is Toast

What? You can do that? Wow.
Letting Go of Limbo
With a new Vatican report, the Pope finally sends unbaptized babies to heaven—and signals that he may be less conservative than his image suggests.
By Matthew Philips

April 24, 2007 - In the world of Vatican reversals, it’s a big one. According to a 41-page report released last week by the Roman Catholic Church’s International Theological Commission, limbo—a celestial middle ground between Heaven and Hell—is no longer necessary. That means that babies who die unbaptized are now free to go to heaven rather than being consigned to limbo, where for the last 800 years they’ve been forced to await the End of Days, unable to share in the beatific vision of God and Jesus Christ with their Roman Catholic brethren....

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the babies are able to get in -- just under the bar.

Ugh, bad limbo joke.