Amazon Fumbles the Kindle. It Yearns to be Free!

We bought three Kindles so far. We sold our first one on ebay for a $600 profit - don't ask how (it was right before xmas and there were none available from Amazon). We returned #2 because it was unable to handle Hebrew. We returned #3 - the big one - because we did not see how we would be using it and $489 was just too darn much to have tied up in a big black and white elephant.

What's Amazon been thinking? They are just not getting what they have achieved with the Kindle - which is truly substantial. (The delivery system and the network connectivity are unmatched.)

Today Amazon dropped the price of the Kindle 2 from $359 to $299. Bad idea.

Amazon needs to give away the Kindle for FREE. Here's how they should do it.

Buy one Kindle for $299. Get $300 in credit for Kindle books. See - once you have bought and read thirty books on the klunky B&W anachronism, you'd be hooked (to some degree anyhow).

For now we are Kindle free - until the Kindle is offered to us for FREE.

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