iPhone Jewish apps: find shuls, find East with a mizrach compass and more, for Palm Pre coming soon

Via Jeffrey Goldberg:
A new iPhone application, aptly titled Synagogues, directs users to nearby congregations, replete with their denomination, rabbi's contact information ...RustyBrick -- which, among other things, locates nearby kosher restaurants and mikvahs ...
Jeffrey doesn't mention that some are free and some are pricey apps, e.g., from RustyBrick, Shabbat is free, Siddur & Zmanim is $9.99, Kosher is $4.99, Mizrach Compass is $.99 (we'd get that one if we had an iPhone), and from Lost Tribe Apps, Synagogues is $.99.

RustyBrick informs its customers, "RustyBrick is currently working on developing many of our popular iPhone Apps for the Palm Pre, including many of our Jewish iPhone Apps. "

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Unknown said...

Why would one buy their Tanach app for 15$ if there are much better ones at less, even with English translation like Tanach for all at 2.99$?

Disclosure: I made this app, and i'd like you to know that there are other better apps in the app store that sometimes costs less..
just search before you buy...