Star Ledger: Giles Gade Runs the Shomer Shabbos Cross River Bank in Teaneck.

We do not recall coming across a Sabbath Observing bank in the US -- until now.

The Star Ledger profiles Giles Gade who runs the Shomer Shabbos Cross River Bank in Teaneck. It's closed for business on the Sabbath day. But alas, he can't guarantee he will keep the Sabbath policy going.
...Q: Is Cross River a Sabbath-observing bank?

A: Yes. We close at 4 p.m. on Fridays.

Q: Is that for the comfort of the customers or the employees?

A: For both. Obviously, if we have demand from the customer base, we will accommodate them. We're trying to respect the Sabbath laws, if possible. We obtained authorization from the state to be open these hours. If our clients start complaining about it, then we will have to adjust that policy.
Where is the bank, you ask? It is at 885 Teaneck Road, across the street from the Teaneck Public Library and Police Station and just up the block from the Holy Name Hospital. The bank's web site is here.

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