Times: A Star comes forth from Yavne Israel - Omri Caspi Will Play in the NBA for the Sacramento Kings

It is safe to say that Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai, who established the center of rabbinic Judaism at Yavne after the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed nearly 2000 years ago in the year 70, would be proud of the accomplishments of the Yavnean King of our era, Omri Caspi.

A great article in the Times reports that Caspi's going to the NBA!
...No Israeli has ever played in the N.B.A. Until last month, none had ever been drafted in the first round.

When the Kings took Casspi with the 23rd pick, he became the first Israeli to secure a guaranteed contract, which will almost assuredly make him the first to play in an N.B.A. game.

That moment will come this fall. The celebrations began immediately on draft night.

“It was a huge festival in Israel,” said Dan Shamir, a longtime Israeli coach who worked with Casspi when Casspi was a teenager on the national team. “For many years, people were asking when Israel will have an N.B.A. player. When it actually happened, it made huge headlines.”

At home in Yavne, a suburb of Tel Aviv, the 21-year-old Casspi celebrated with friends and family, and wept. The emotions were overwhelming, not only because Casspi had attained a goal, but also because he had realized a nation’s dream...more...

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Rivky said...

Why is it safe to say that Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai would be proud of Omri Caspi's accomplishments? Does that seem consistent with his values? We today are proud of him, certainly, but I don't see any reason to say RYBZ would be...