Bergen Record Page One: Two Tales of Solomon Dwek's Political "Gifts"

The first Bergen Record page one story today of the rabbi's son lists (see below) the NJ state politicians who received "gifts" from Solomon Dwek, the informant who was responsible for the arrest of 44 people in last week's FBI corruption roundup... "Key witness made nearly $200,000 in campaign contributions."

The second story shows why we have to put "gifts" in quotation marks. It traces a typical quid pro quo (that is, a favor or advantage given or expected in return for something) of NJ "gift" giving -- how those payoffs get you expedited service at the Department of Environmental Protection.

The story, "DEP e-mails follow lawmaker's request," tells us that, "Days before his arrest on federal corruption charges, a state assemblyman called New Jersey's environmental protection agency seeking help for a developer prosecutors say gave the lawmaker $15,000 in bribes."

This is a textbook example of how bribery and corruption transforms a culture of fairness with an even playing field and equal opportunity for all into a murky swamp land of mobsters and crooks.

Just a question. In what course at what university or business school will they teach that this is a textbook example of wrong conduct?

Better yet. At what Yeshiva or Christian Seminary will they give lessons on how to detect and deter such corruption?

None that we know of.

The list of "gift" recipients from the Record:

The informant at the center of a recent corruption scandal was a frequent campaign contributor before he went undercover. Here’s some of the recipients, and what they say they will do with the money now.
Recipient Total received Plans for the money
N.J. Republican State Committee. $51,000 Giving to charity
Assembly Republican Victory Committee. $20,000 Keeping it
U.S. Rep. Frank J. Pallone, Jr., D-Long Branch $18,900 Charity
State Sen. Thomas Kean Jr., R-Westfield $8,400 Charity*
State Sen. Joe Kyrillos, R-Monmouth $5,200 Charity
N.J. Democratic State Committee $6,500 Keeping it
U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J. $3,500 Charity
State Sen. Jennifer Beck, R-Monmouth $2,750 Charity
State Sen. Brian Stack, D-Union City $2,600 No response

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