For Sure the Messiah is Coming: The Times Reviews 3 Glatt Kosher Teaneck Restaurants

It's hard not to do a double take when you see the venerable NY Times review glatt kosher restaurants. And when they are all in Teaneck, then that is nothing short of sign of the imminent coming of the messiah.
Where Glatt Kosher Restaurants Come in Many Flavors

ONE restaurant is quiet and soothingly lighted, with a high-priced menu offering sweetbreads and beef-cheek gnocchi and oat-and-dill-crusted branzino. Another is straight-ahead Indian, with first-rate pakoras and rousing kebabs. A third has longhorns in its logo and serves its secret-spice-rubbed brisket only after a 14-hour sauna in a Southern Pride smoker.

Quick: What do they have in common?

Well, all three are in Teaneck. But their essential feature is one that may not occur to you until you notice that most of the male diners are wearing skullcaps.

The three — Etc. Steakhouse, Shalom Bombay and Smokey Joe’s — are all kosher restaurants. And not just kosher, glatt kosher — which technically has to do with lesions on the lungs of the animals used for meat, but is often used by restaurants to indicate extra-strictness...more...

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