Is David Beckham Jewish?

David Beckham at his grandfather's Funeral

It is possible that soccer great David Beckham is a Jew. Clearly, his grandfather was. TheJC reported,
In his first autobiography My World, Beckham talked about how his grandfather’s Judaism had influenced him, saying: "I've probably had more contact with Judaism than with any other religion."

"I used to wear the traditional Jewish skullcaps when I was younger, and I also went along to some Jewish weddings with my grandfather."
So if his grandmother was a Jew, then his mother Sandra is, and so is David.

Picture from Bangitout via Yitz

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Unknown said...

Beckham's gradmother was not Jewish. His grandfather married a gentile. So, therefore, Beckham is not Jewish - he was christened in the Anglican faith. The united Kingdom is nominally Christian and the state church is C of E (Church of England). It is a very relaxed, community-focused denomination. David and Victoria beckham had a civil marraige, i.e. not religious.