Is Senator Orrin Hatch Jewish?

No. Everyone knows that Senator Orrin Hatch is not a Jew. He is a member of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- a Mormon -- for heaven's sake.

Tablet e-zine informs us that he has written a new Hanukkah song.

Hey Tablet. So you want to be a "New Read on Jewish Life"? OK we guess, whatever that means.

This is the reaction that you publish to your big deal article on a Hanukkah Song by Mormon Senator Hatch. And a story about how there was no good song for Hanukkah and the dramatic unfolding of this mythic tale...

Biggest clicking day on the Jewish Internet and that's the main "New Read on Jewish Life" holiday message you got for us?

Oy - a waste - you have not done good.

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