You say Bikini and We say Burqini

Muslims on the beach in Australia taking part in an outreach program called On the Same Wave, which started a year ago.

Two Orthodox Jewish women were seen swimming laps at the TSC last week in long dresses. That reminded us to repost this article.

Leave it to the Australians to invent the burqini. A young muslim woman became a Surf Life Saver. The Times reports, Australian Muslims Go for Surf, Lifesaving and Burqinis:
For her and other women, the biggest obstacle, she explained, was what they would wear. That was solved by a local fashion entrepreneur, Aheda Zanetti, who designs “dynamic swimwear and sportswear for today’s Muslim female.”

For Surf Life Savers, Ms. Zanetti, whose label is Ahiida, came up with a two-piece outfit made of spandex, form-fitting but fully covering, even the hair. Ms. Laalaa pulls her hair back into a bun and hides it under a bright red hood that is an extension of the long-sleeved yellow top...
[repost from 3/9/07]

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