YouTube Video: Is the Ground Zero Mosque Kosher?

Some lunatics want to stop the building of an Islamic Community Center in downtown Manhattan. Those nutty Republicans are always looking for enemies.

Hat tip to the intelligent blog post at the New Yorker, Close Read, Live From Ground Zero, Posted by Amy Davidson.

We add that it's a great idea to have a Muslim building downtown.

Consider it an insurance policy against a future attack. So yes, we believe that the so-called Ground Zero Mosque is kosher.


DB said...

Its not purim so I have to assume your unfortunately being serious. How is this not a slap in the face of 3000 who were brutally murdered on sept 11?

Tzvee Zahavy said...

Then you think we should shut down the mosque in Teaneck too? what's your logic? There is a mosque on the temple mount in Jerusalem. Should we remove it? Politicians on the right are fling you up for their own personal gain. This is serious - freedom of religion is a core American value. It is not optional. It is essential.