Are Burqas Kosher?

Are burqas kosher?

To us the notion is bizarre that some Jewish women would cover their faces with their garments, in imitation of some Muslim women.

According to the blog "A Mother in Israel" who cites the source "Hadrei Haredim" that is what is happening in some neighborhoods of greater Jerusalem in Israel in 2010 (in Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem and Elad).

We can't say that this is a trend. But wow, these anecdotal accounts ought to wake up some of our friends who deny that there is a culture war going on in Judaism, and that we need to make clear that this behavior is by no stretch of the imagination a valid expression of Judaism.

So no, burqas are not kosher. They are not benign expressions of modesty. Wearing a burqa is an outright antisocial misogynist action of another faith that is rejected in all forms of real Judaism.


mother in israel said...

I called it a trend because the numbers are increasing, enough to consider making a new school for their kids.
For the record, Elad is nearer to Petach Tikva than to Jerusalem.
Thanks for the link.


Tzvee Zahavy said...

and thank you for taking note and making this unbelievable nascent trend an object of our attention.

Observer said...

Well, how about another trend I have observed at the public pool here on L.I." "burqinis," i.e., the ultras enter enter the pool with a very long "skirt" and a top that covers just about the entire arm; also, there is a long floppy bathing cap. These are lycra. Dispute has gone to the Park board, which ruled that so long as they are suits and not street clothes, OK. On July 4, the Superintendent had to personally extract an ultra woman who had jumped in w/o one of these burqinis. The ultras' request for gender-separated swim hours has been repeatedly rejected.