Was Ran Baratz Sacked by Hebrew U for his Right Wing Politics?

Ran Baratz appears to be an accomplished young philosopher with a PhD from Hebrew University. He was teaching there as an adjunct. He was not renewed.

This matter was first brought to our attention by Rabbi Jeffrey Woolf in an enigmatic Facebook posting on the situation.

We know that in the USA adjunct teaching employment is at-will. No reason need be given by a department for non-renewal. In most cases it is assumed that adjunct teaching is close-ended, not ongoing.

Now Baratz claims that he is a victim of persecution by Hebrew University due to his right wing politics. Richard Silverstein investigated the allegation and comments on his blog, Tikkun Olam.

Instant Talmudic Analysis: If Baratz is so desirable then the right wing Shalem College, where he holds a fellowship, should snap him up and hire him as a tenure track professor on the spot.

If this is a fake victim ploy by a non-renewed adjunct named Baratz, designed to try to make the liberal establishment look bad, then Baratz' career in academe is toast.

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Unknown said...

Shalem does not have a tenure track.