Time: Glenn Beck's War on Christianity (He's Not Jewish)

Time has turned its reporters loose to cover Glenn Beck's recent attacks on Christianity.

No, he is Mormon, not Jewish.

1. From Elizabeth Dias' story, "Glenn Beck's Latest Heresy"... “If you just tuned in, boy, this has got to be the weirdest damn episode you've ever heard on the Glenn Beck program,” Glenn Beck admitted late last night, as he took another shot at Christian social justice missions...

2. Follow up from Dias, "Faith-Based Group Fires Back at Glenn Beck":
One hundred thousand faithful Americans are telling Glenn Beck that enough is enough. This summer as Beck travels the United States solo and with Bill O'Reilly, Faithful America--a multi-faith justice organization--has rallied its members to push back against Beck's anti-Christian-social-justice message. When Beck makes stops in South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, and Washington D.C., the group's provocative new ad will follow his trail and challenge his words as “piecemeal gospel” on local Christian radio stations....

Instant Talmudic analysis:

As long as Beck stays on TV, all of this attention makes him richer. The only way he loses is if he is excommunicated from the communications industry. And as long as he brings eyeballs to FOX, he sells stuff for their advertisers. He wins. Organized religion and civil society loses. Thanks a lot FOX.

[We are seriously worried because we know someone sane who actually took his book on CD out from the library to find out why he is such a big best seller. OY VEY CUBED.]

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