Some Democrats Get More Religion, Some Egyptians Want Less

Seems as if the Times is the best religion newspaper around this weekend.

Two more items:

Charles Blow, "Rise of the Religious Left," says:
According to a Gallup report issued last Friday, church attendance among blacks is exactly the same as among conservatives and among Republicans. Hispanics closely follow. Furthermore, a February Gallup report found that blacks and Hispanics, respectively, were the most likely to say that religion was an important part of their daily lives. In fact, on the Jesus question, nonwhite Democrats were roughly twice as likely as white Democrats to believe that He would return to earth by 2050...more...
And an article about secularism in Egypt, "Ismail Serageldin Seeks an Arab Age of Reason" by MICHAEL SLACKMAN, explains, "Ismail Serageldin, who directs the successor to the library of Alexandria, uses his position to counter what he calls 'pseudoreligious fanaticism.'”

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