104 Year Old Nazi Singer Will Try to Perform

Try as we may to eradicate this scourge, these Nazis keep crawling back out of the cracks.
Nazis' fave singer returns to stage
Calgary Herald
Security was tight Saturday for the return of a 104-year-old Dutch singer who is still reviled by many of his countrymen for his close links to their former Nazi occupiers.

Johan Heesters, the oldest singer still to be performing, according to the Guinness Book of Records, appeared Saturday at the De Flint theatre in his native town of Amersfoort, 50 kilometres east of Amsterdam.

The theatre said it had installed security gates at the entrance, would check all identities, and warned that any trouble would be stamped out, singling out anyone responding to a call on the Internet to come in Nazi uniform.

Meanwhile, a counter-concert was being organized in Amersfoort of works of musicians who died in Nazi concentration camps.

All tickets at De Flint were reported sold, but it was unclear how many were fans. At his last attempt at a comeback in the Netherlands in 1963, Heesters was booed off stage by the audience, who gave Nazi salutes.

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