Times: Convicted Rabbi Elevates Chutzpah to a New Dimension

Now this is utter chutzpah. This man can pray in his cell. Toilet or no. Period. If he wanted to be such a good Jew, he should have thought about that before committing multiple felonies.

This story in the Times is a disgrace - a chilul hashem - compounded by a frivolous lawsuit.
Imprisoned, Rabbi Sues Over Space for Prayer

A Hasidic rabbi serving time at a federal penitentiary is suing the Bureau of Prisons to change its policy on where inmates can pray.

In a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court in New York, Rabbi Mordechai Samet, who was convicted of fraudulently obtaining more than $4 million, asserts that his ability to pray according to his beliefs has been violated by the Bureau of Prisons’ insistence that he pray in his cell. The cell contains a toilet, making it an unclean place to pray for Jews, his suit says, as well as for Muslims and Buddhists...

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