The Conservative Echo Chamber Attacks Barack's Support of Israel

A friend sent me an article by Ed Lasky of the American Thinker called, "Barack Obama and Israel." It rehearses the familiar right wing litany of half truths and outright lies.

I answered back, "Look, we know that Barack is black, not Jewish. Anyway, I’m pretty sure he did not kiss Suha Arafat."

Just to keep the record straight on who wrote and published the article, Wikipedia reports:

American Thinker (AT) is a conservative daily internet publication. According to it website, American Thinker presents a "thoughtful exploration of issues of importance to Americans." [1]

There is ample evidence to support the notion that AT serves as part of the right wing's echo chamber....

Echo chamber is a colloquial term used to describe a group of media outlets that tend to parrot each other's uncritical reports on the views of a single source, or that otherwise relies on unquestioning repetition of official sources.

Lord knows, we have had enough of the destructive echo chamber. Enough tearing down.

Barack will create value and vision for our country. He will support Israel because it is a just cause. Vote Obama.

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Anonymous said...

Do you think Obama's minister, after whose sermon Obama entitled his book, is less serious a threat than the Pope?

Maybe not, maybe yes.

Your emunah shleima, however, in an unproven individual such as Obama is becoming of a high school student, not of one claiming to be educated.

Further your employment of the hoary photo of Hillary's one mistake in a long and distinguished career supporting Israel, not to mention her husband's outstanding support for Israel during his term is such as to lower my estimation for you.

It is not too late to do teshuvah and switch your support to the truly outstanding candidate in this election.