Charlotte Observer: Don Norton raised Catholic, converted to Judaism, survived crash in Hudson River of flight 1549, seeks meaning of miracle

Naturally, questions and thanksgiving.
Survivors seek meaning, new purpose after 'miracle'
Passengers struggle with why their lives were spared.
By Tim Funk

Not overly religious. That's how Don Norton describes himself. Raised Catholic, converted to Judaism when he got married, rarely goes to temple.

But last Thursday, bracing himself in seat 11F as US Airways Flight 1549 headed for a crash landing in the Hudson River, he said a prayer. He repeated it, over and over, in his head.

“Please, God, don't let me die. Please, God, don't let me die …”
Norton survived, as did the other 154 passengers and crew members. Now, like the rest of them, this 35-year-old husband and father from Matthews is trying to make sense of what happened and what role God and faith may have played in the happy ending....more

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