Israeli Operation in Gaza on Timetable to Victory - Expect Hamas Surrender before January 20

No question that the IDF is doing this military operation better.

We believe that Hamas is on the ropes and will throw in the towel real soon now. No journalists invited to this event. Israel will collect and destroy the rockets. Hamas will stay on and agree to cease fire. End of chapter.
IHT: For Israel, lessons learned from 2006, but old pitfalls
By Steven Erlanger

JERUSALEM: This time, Israeli military commanders are leading from the front, not trying to direct the infantry from television screens. This time, the military has clear plans, in stages, drawn up with a year's preparation. This time there is no illusion about winning a war only from the air. This time, the military chief of staff has kept his silence in public, all cellphones have been confiscated from Israeli soldiers and the international press has been kept out of the battlefield.

In these and many other ways, Israel is applying the lessons it learned from its failed 2006 war against Hezbollah in northern Lebanon to its current war against Hamas in Gaza... more

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