Washington Post Opinion: No Question that Israeli War on Hamas is Justified

We Agree with Michael Gerson's Op-ed. Excellent article start to finish.
There is no question -- none -- that Israel's attack on Hamas in Gaza is justified. No nation can tolerate a portion of its people living in the conditions of the London Blitz -- listening for sirens, sleeping in bomb shelters and separated from death only by the randomness of a Qassam missile's flight. And no group aspiring to nationhood, such as Hamas, can be exempt from the rules of sovereignty, morality and civilization, which, at the very least, forbid routine murder attempts against your neighbors...

This conflict is not a contest between shades of gray in mist and fog. It is a matter of distinguishing between murderers and victims -- and of supporting an ally until a clear victory against terrorism is achieved.

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priscianus jr said...

1. The fact that a response or attack is justified does not mean that everything done in that response or attack is justified.
2. Justification is not the only issue. Effectiveness is also an issue. Short-term, long-term, direct, indirect.3. What are Israel's actual goals? The military goals? The political? The domestic goals? The international?
4. Does Israel's response harm Hamas? Or does it play into Hamas's goals?