Times: Chris Walsch is the Grinch that Stole the Cute Christmas Story (and published it on Beliefnet)

The real author accuses Neale Donald Walsch, author of ‘Conversations With God’ of violating a commandment. He admits that the essay about a kindergarten Christmas pageant he published under his name wasn’t his. What a sordid narrative! The real writer named Candy Chand explained.
Speaking of Mr. Walsch, she asked: “Has the man who writes best-selling books about his ‘Conversations With God’ also heard God’s commandments? ‘Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not lie, and thou shalt not covet another author’s property’?”
Apparently not reports the Times. Walsch plagiarized a story about a cute Christmas miracle and published it on Beliefnet.com and got caught and made really lame excuses. Read all about it.... if you dare.

It makes Walsch look like the jerk who stole a heartwarming Christmas tale... oy vey says this Jew. Not a very Talmudic thing to do Mr. Walsch!

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