WSJ: In Cuba More Conversions to Judaism and Emigrations to Israel

I find it odd that the WSJ selects a subject like this one to cover. Just goes to show you that the old saying "Jews is News" can be extended to "Jews is Business News." And it doesn't hurt that this is another way to show that Fidel Castro's grip on the Island has faded away.

From the article By JOEL MILLMAN, "Rites of Passage: In Cuba, a Revival in Judaism Leads Some to Israel. Relaxed Rules on Practicing Religion Draw Converts; a Rise in Bar Mitzvahs"
...The prospect of emigration is helping fuel a revival of sorts in Judaism in Cuba after a half-century of Communism. With as many as 30,000 Jews in the period just before World War II, Cuba's "Hebreo" enclave withered to around 1,000 individuals by the late 1980s. It's up to almost 1,500 today -- with hundreds of other recently departed Cuban Jews now living in Israel or Florida. For this community, that's a population explosion.

"I would be less than honest if I didn't tell you that some people want to be Jews because it offers them the chance to leave," says Samuel Zagovalov, a 62-year-old former oil-refinery technician who directs Sabbath services at the Sefaradí synagogue here on Saturday mornings.

The journey from Havana to Jerusalem, however, isn't easy. The process of converting to Judaism takes years and includes being approved by a council of elders at the synagogue and then an ordained rabbi. Since Cuba has none, usually converts have to wait for a visiting rabbi from Israel, Argentina or Chile. Last but not least, male converts have to submit to a ritual circumcision. In 2007, dozens of adult Cuban men underwent circumcision as part of their conversion process...more

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