Is Roland Burris Kosher?

We are pretty sure Roland is not Jewish.

But is the spunky Illinois politician kosher?

Initially the Senate denied he was kosher, pointing out that his credentials for the Senate, signed by the governor, whose middle name is 'goy', lacked the stamp of the Illinois 'rabbi' i.e., the secretary of state, Jesse White, on his appointment certificate.

Now it seems the posturing by the Senate 'Sanhedrin' is over and the duly appointed politician will get his seat at the table after all.

Mazal tov Roland. Good luck.

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Zoe Strickman said...

I'm not sure I agree with your application of the word "kosher" to the Roland Burris situation (and by the way that's a great picture of him), but I believe that the Senate members are whimps for backing down as they have. The fact that his appointment may have been tainted is reason enough to ask him OUT OF SINCERE DECENCY to step down to allow him to be appointed to the senate in SOME OTHER FASHION.