Star Tribune: Add Two Jews and one Muslim to Keep the Minnesota Political Pot Boiling

The overwhelmingly Christian state of Minnesota has 10,000 lakes and over 5 million residents broken down thusly: 32.0% of Minnesotans affiliated with Mainline Protestant traditions, 21.0% with Evangelical Protestant traditions, 28.0% with Roman Catholic traditions, 1.0% each with Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, and Black Protestant traditions, smaller amounts for other faiths, and 13.0% unaffiliated.

That little minority community of Jews and Muslims sure keeps the Minnstota political pot boiling. Here are two stories, one about a controversy over Rep. Ellison's Hajj to Mecca and the other about the still unresolved Franken v. Coleman election for the senate.
Ellison's privately paid trip to Mecca prompts debate
The ethics panel that signed off on his free pilgrimage will review whether he needs to report the cost.

The wait is agonizing for Coleman, Franken
The candidates and their staffs are keeping their phones close by because they know the ruling could come any day now, ending a seven-month odyssey.

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