Teaneck's Democratic State Senator Loretta Weinberg Gains Momentum in her Bid to Run with Corzine for Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey

Wally Edge at PolitickerNJ.com reports that Teaneck's Democratic State Senator  Loretta Weinberg is gaining momentum in her bid to run with John Corzine for Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey.
In what could be the second most important endorsement of the race for the Democratic Lt. Governor nomination, Newark Mayor Cory Booker is set to endorse State Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Teaneck), according to a high ranking Democratic source.  Booker's endorsement sends a signal that African American Democratic leaders will support a white woman, obviating any chance of a backlash for Gov. Jon Corzine. Weinberg, a 72-year-old State Senator from Bergen County, has received considerable consideration to become Corzine's running mate in recent weeks.
Further, he reports that Cory Booker is a careful politician:
The conventional wisdom, at least among a group of Democratic insiders, is that Newark Mayor Cory Booker would not be prepared to back State Sen. Loretta Weinberg for Lt. Governor without the blessing of Gov. Jon Corzine. It would not be Booker's style to get involved in this race.

And in case you forgot, Weinberg, then an Assemblywoman, was one of the earliest supporters of Corzine's 2000 U.S. Senate bid, and was one of three Democrats picked as campaign co-chairs.
Looks to us like the Weinberg train cannot be stopped.

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