15th Yahrzeit of the Lubavitch Rebbe. Where's the successor?

This is an auspicious day to reflect and ask the Rebbe to intercede on High on behalf of the Lubavitch movement.

They need to select a new Rebbe. 15 years - it is way overdue.

To remain Hasidim in good standing, Lubavitch Hasidim need to name a new rebbe already.

That is the main definition of Hasidism - to be followers of a living rebbe.


Joels W. said...

This is not the baal shem tov but rather a portrait of Joshua Falk 'the baal shem of london' (who incidentally was of Polish- Sephardic origin with the original surname of Laniado).

Anonymous said...

Intercede? What is he a freakin' SAINT of ROME?!?
The problem is here on the ground not in some office building where The Dead Rebbe has the boss's ear. Come on! What happened to IRONY, SATIRE AND HUMOR?

Anonymous said...

in good standing with who? you? chabad has grown tremendosuly, why change a thing and pick a new rebbe? the rebbe is still rebbe, and no one else will ever fill his shoes or come close